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The Inner Pelvic Health Workshop by Mia Munroe

The Inner Pelvic Health™ Workshop is a movement-based lecture that teaches prevention techniques, also beneficial for those suffering from common pelvic ailments, such as incontinence and prolapse in women and prostate issues for men. Participants will leave with new awareness and understanding of optimum pelvic function, along with concepts of everyday application to promote self-healing.

When:  July 21st 3:15pm-6:15pm

Cost:  $135

About Mia:

After a 10 year professional career in classical ballet Mia Munroe’s subsequent training as an exercise instructor came from studying Bob Cooley’s Meridian Yoga and directly from Juliu Horvath, creator the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®. Now a GYROKINESISÒ Master Trainer, she has established successful Gyrokinesis communities with ongoing classes in Canada, Scotland, Israel, and across the U.S. While pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of Washington, extensive research for her Human Sexuality class led her to realize there is a need for men and women to better understand the pelvic floor at a fundamental level. Inner Pelvic Health™ is a combined result of all her past career experiences. She hopes to give men and women a better understanding of their inner anatomy, while establishing education and movement technique as an alternative practice to prevent and treat pelvic dysfunction.





Balanced Muscle Development in Pilates at EPY Center

Pilates at its best develops more balanced muscles for better movement. It improves functional body mechanics used in daily activities, sports, dance and other athletic endeavors.  Explore the biomechanics of movement and deepen your understanding of Pilates. Experiential and fun, we’ll investigate the skeletal structure and the muscles and their relationship with movement.

Spinal Mobility Integrated with Lumbo-pelvic and Scapular Stability

Friday, Aug 18th

Purchase Single Session Here:             3-Hour workshop individual

“Limbs amplify movement that originates in the musculature of the spine and trunk.” Spinal mobility and strength is essential to functional movement. From tailbone to skull, we’ll consider how the deep longitudinal sling facilitates spinal flexion and extension, and where “roadblocks” might be limiting movement. We’ll also consider rotation and lateral flexion and the ability to generate efficient dynamic movement in Pilates exercises

Purchase Single Session Here:             3-Hour workshop individual

Exploring Gait: Foot, Ankle, Knee, Hip

Dates:  Coming soon

That old song – the foot bone is connected to the shin bone; the shin bone is connected to the thigh bone… is never more relevant than when examining the functional alignment of the leg. Misalignments in foot and ankle joints are often reflected up the leg to the knee or hip. We’ll explore the joints’ movement patterns and Pilates exercises to change them.


Dates:  Workshops will be held Fridays 3-6 pm

  • Aug 18th – Spinal Mobility’s relationship to Lumbopelvic and Scapular Stability
  • TBA – Exploring Gait: Foot, Ankle, Knee, Hip


Past Workshops:

Oblique Slings for Health Functional Movement: Part 1 – Core Thru Pelvis to legs    

The anterior and posterior oblique slings are critical to lumbo-pelvic stability. The dynamic stability of this region is essential to healthy functional movement. Sling dysfunctions can lead to local or global issues. This workshop will explore how the slings function and focus on Pilates exercises that create awareness and improve the slings in movement.

Oblique Slings for Healthy Functional Movement: Part 2 – Core Thru Shoulder Girdle to Arms

I recently watched a client trying to connect thru their “core” with arms limply on the mat beside them. Without engaging the upper portion of the oblique slings, they never found their connection. Understanding the functionality of these upper slings will greatly change how you help clients connect for better arm work, rotator cuff strengthening and core engagement.

Instructor:  Megan Soske 

A Balanced Body Master Pilates Instructor, Megan teaches Pilates, GYROTONIC® and CoreAlign to improve a client’s functional movement. She considers the understanding required to overcome her own musculature and postural challenges to be a great teaching asset. Megan explains anatomy, movement and Pilates exercises in a concise manner. She teaches Pilates instructors to have a deeper understanding of functional movement and its application to the Pilates repertoire. Her current toolkit includes: GYROTONIC®, Anatomy in 3-D, Franklin Method and Anatomy Trains Fascial work. She has trained with (or attended workshops) with Tom McCook, Wahida Sharman, Donna Place, Nora St. John to name a few. Megan teaches out of EPY Center, and her own studio, Equinox Pilates

Please call Megan Soske at 916-548-6948 to sign up for the workshops.

Tom McCook at EPY Center August 12, 2017

Wahida is so excited to have Tom McCook at EPY Center.  Tom has a depth of knowledge that is unsurpassed by many in our movement community.  He is my mentor and friend and it gives me great pleasure to have him in Sacramento.  I hope you can join us August 12, 2017 from 1-4 pm.  Tom will teach a 3 hour Franklin Method balls and bands extravaganza!

In this 3 hour workshop, you’ll learn a full body sequence for tension release, improving posture, flexibility, strength and movement efficiency.  You’ll learn a full body sequence with the Franklin balls and therabands for both the upper and lower body.  You’ll learn how to use imagery to release tension and improve balanced and movement ability.  You’ll learn what the spine needs to stay healthy for life, along with an incredibly useful sequence to improve the health and conditioning of your feet.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn to move and feel better!

About Tom:  Tom McCook, founder and director of Center of Balance in Mountain View, CA, is an internationally recognized Pilates teacher and movement specialist. Beginning his full-time career in personal training in 1984, Tom designs programs for health and life performance for working professionals, people rehabilitating from injuries, and world-class athletes, including Olympic Gold Medal swimmers Natalie Coughlin, Jenny Thompson and Misty Hyman.

Since 2004, Tom has been studying the Franklin Method, an instrumental part of his teaching, that offers a very effective approach to improving movement potential and health through imagery and experiential anatomy. Tom has completed all 3 levels of the Franklin Method training and is now a teacher trainer for the Franklin Institute.

For more information about Tom please visit: Tom McCook

Purchase Session Here:  $150 (Balls and bands included in registration fee)

Maximum participants 15, so hurry up and call us!  Payment due at time of enrollment.


The Franklin Method - Balls and Bands Extravaganza!

Franklin Method® Workshops

Any of the FM workshops will leave you with your feet firmly balanced, your spine long and your posture buoyant and rejuvenated.

Relax your Neck and Liberate your Shoulders

Release tension from you neck and shoulders by learning imagery exercises to melt away shoulder and neck tension. Release holding patterns in the upper body, learn the experiential anatomy of the shoulder girdle, and benefit from an increased awareness of the function and interaction of joints and muscles. We will use Franklin Balls to increase circulation and touch to improve shoulder and neck motion while improving pain.

Happy Healthy Knees

In this workshop you will learn the internal structure and design of the knee joint and how it really should be used. Imagery, experiential anatomy and touch will clear the path for great overall posture and better functioning of the knees to walk, run and jump with ease.

Diaphragms of the Body

Did you know that we have more then one diaphragm in our body? We have other horizontal structures that work in synchronicity to the thoracic diaphragm to improve obviously the breath but also posture, alignment and strength of the over body. Come explore the links between the pelvic floor, knee joint, sole of the foot and the diaphragm.

Organ Movements Help Posture??

YES!! would be the resounding answer here. We will learn how the to use of touch and imagery to specific organs can change the function of muscles and joints. Learn and explore how connective tissue links muscles and organs and impacts structural support and movement. For all you teachers out there It is a great way to cue clients to improve their motion…especially if you’ve tried it all and nothing is working!

Feet for Life

Our feet carry us throughout of lives… yet are you aware of them unless there is pain? In this class learn about the amazing design of the feet and how they propel us forward, adapt to terrain and serve as a foundation and sensory organ. We will use exercise bands to strengthen the muscles of the foot and ankle to improve the efficiency of the bones, tendons, muscles and joints for standing, walking, running, and jumping.

Other Possible Workshops to Explore

Imagery for a Healthy Spine

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