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Wahida Sharman, Owner

Wahida is the owner and the inspiration behind EPY Center. She graduated from occupational therapy school at San Jose State University in 1988. Due to her own personal injuries Wahida found herself on a journey of health and fitness that started with yoga in 1995 and eventually led to further training in Pilates,GYROTONIC® exercise, the Franklin Method®, and eventually to instruct and inspire new teachers. She is a Balanced Body Master Trainer and a GYROTONIC® Pre-Trainer. Wahida has mentored with Tom McCook, Nora St. John, Juliu Horwath, Debra Rose, Eric Franklin, Morten Ditmer and numerous other wonderful teachers who have inspired her along her journey. Her eclectic experience brings diversity to her teaching style while adhering to each discipline’s principles. She is excited to share her knowledge and inspire new teachers.

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Megan Soske, Equinox Pilates

GYROTONIC® and PMA Certified Pilates Instructor

Megan is a Balanced Body Master Pilates Instructor.  She teaches Pilates, GYROTONIC® and CoreAlign, and she uses these methodologies to improve a client’s functional movement to reduce pain or enhance athletic performance. She has worked with all ages, from teenagers through octogenarians, who are looking for therapeutic improvements to fitness level exercise.
A competitive rider her entire life, Megan began taking Pilates and GYROTONIC® to improve her riding. Tight and unbalanced muscles inhibited her performance, and through Pilates and GYROTONIC® she transformed her body and now competes at new levels. She considers the understanding she achieved through overcoming her own musculature and posture challenges to be one of her greatest assets when teaching others.  
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Holly Thompson

Certified Pilates, GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS®   Instructor

Holly’s background in movement began with growing up as a competitive figure skater. She started Pilates in 1993 as a supplement to her skating; improving performance and correcting imbalances. She trained under Brent Anderson, PT, and founder of Polestar Pilates. After many years of taking Pilates herself, she moved on to become an instructor and was mentored by Elizabeth Larkam through Pilates and Beyond. She is certified with the Pilates Method Alliance. After being introduced to the GYROTONIC® Expansion System in 2003, Holly was instantly drawn to this movement approach because of its flow and relevance to skating.

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Kathy Ward

Certified Pilates & GYROTONIC®  Instructor

Kathy comes to EPY Center with a diverse background in athletics. In 1995 Kathy qualified at the Olympic trials for the marathon. She was also the cross-country masters runner of the year for the Pacific Association of USA Track and Field. Her other love is sailing. She is a multiple time national and world champion in Hobie Cat 16 sailing. Kathy started Pilates in 1995 and received her Pilates mat certification from the Physical Mind Institute.

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Suzanne Rogers

Certified GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS®   Instructor

Having just completed her tenth year as a GYROTONIC® instructor, Suzanne is more thrilled than ever about the discipline. The GYROTONIC® method is unlike most other movement systems because it is equally focused on the inside as well as the outside of the body and balanced in its approach to movement and rest.   Suzanne appreciates that while it began as a way to support, challenge and rehabilitate professional dancers, it has grown into a system that is not only beneficial, but often life-changing, to any person.

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Robert Head BA, CMT

Certified Pilates Instructor

Robert came to Pilates to address imbalances and injuries caused by years of heavy weight training. After just a few sessions, he was fascinated and inspired by a different kind of strength.  His Pilates workouts left him energized rather than exhausted with greater ease of movement and functionality. In 2013 he completed the Balance Body University coursework with Wahida Sharman and holds certificate to teach mat, reformer and apparatus classes.

Robert has been working with the body for over twenty years.  His enthusiasm for fitness and bodybuilding led to a decade-long career as a personal trainer.

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Chantill Lopez

After more than 20 years of teaching, 15 of which have been spent teaching Pilates, yoga, dance, meditation and other movement modalities to a complex variety of folks, I am proud to be a teacher of teachers. Building relationships with teachers who want to be unabashedly amazing at what they do — teachers who want to move beyond the clockwork pieces of technique and blow the top off their potential – is what excites me most about my work and keeps me inspired.

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Lauren Brown

Certified Pilates Instructor

Lauren is movement instructor who has taught Pilates since 1999. She is a BASI (Body Arts and Science International) trained instructor who brings a wealth of knowledge to the studio.  Her style of teaching draws from a deep knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics, her experience studying a Bachelors of Science in Psychology, her intuitive eye and open communication with her students.

An hour with Lauren could include a sweaty, “old-school” Pilates class; a subtle deep breathing lesson to connect the body before a cardiovascular warm up, or even a rollicking physio ball workout. Whatever the movement, her consistent emphasis on correct alignment challenges all of her students to continuously learn and focus.

For Lauren, Pilates is as much about a new self awareness as it is about movement and exercise. Lauren cultivates in her students the ability to perceive, identify, and direct their own bodies with precision, subtlety and grace.

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