EPY Center is Sacramento’s premier Pilates studio with the most comprehensive line of quality equipment and certified trainers. Our focus is on your health and fitness needs to create a center of balance in your body and your life using Pilates. We strive to build strong deep muscles connections with an emphasis on postural alignment.

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The uniqueness of the System is that it simultaneously stretches and strengthens the body in a three dimensional plane with minimal effort, while increasing range of motion and developing coordination. Special attention is given to moves that increase the functional capacity of the spine, resulting in a superior and well-proportioned body, which is significantly less prone to injuries.

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Franklin Method®

The Franklin Method® uses imagery to connect the mind to the body through a greater understanding of the bones, muscles and the organs. The Franklin Method® is at the forefront of showing you how to re-pattern your brain and thoughts to improve your body’s function and ultimately your wellbeing.

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Therapeutic Work

Wahida worked as a hand/occupational therapist at UC Davis Medical Center for twelve years when she began to pursue a career combining her medical knowledge with the movement arts of Pilates, the GYROTONIC® Method, the Franklin Method®, and Yoga. Her curiosity of the body lead her back to her medical roots to explore various treatment modalities including Visceral Manipulation (VM) and Primal Reflex Release Technique (PRRT).

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